Liberal Democrat Councillors poised to reinvigorate Mendip Council

22 Liberal Democrat Councillors – 17 of whom are new to the Council – all raring to get started with important Council work.

The local elections on May 2nd saw an increase of 11 councillors representing the Liberal Democrats at Mendip District Council.


Photo: All 22 newly-elected Liberal Democrat Councillors outside Mendip District Council last week

Working together for Mendip

Whilst the Liberal Democrats are two Councillors shy of an overall majority, they are confident they will be able to work with other non-Liberal Democrat Councillors to form a working majority.

The Liberal Democrat Councillors bring a wealth of much-needed diversity to Mendip District Council and are truly representative of the area in which they serve.

Breathing new life into the Council

The Liberal Democrat Councillors, who bring broad expertise ranging from business and finance to the arts and media, are all heavily involved in local community initiatives across a spectrum of topics including the environmental issues facing our planet.

This wide range of life experience and talent will be put to good use at Mendip District Council as they seek to bring energy and fresh approaches to find creative solutions to the issues that are most pressing to local people such as local housing, transport and climate change.

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