Lib Dem idea to help biodiversity comes to fruition in Wells

Liberal Democrat Councillors in Wells will be supporting local wildlife by selling individual native woodland saplings direct to the public, clubs, and businesses at bulk discount rates.

On Saturday 31st October, a Wells market stall supported by Wells City Council will sell saplings for people to take home and plant in their gardens or on land they may own. This amazing price of just £1 each also includes the option of free tubes and stakes.

The 20-60cm saplings on sale will be the classic native species of Blackthorn, Crab apple, Dog rose, Goat willow, Hazel, Hawthorn and Rowan. These trees were chosen because they will provide additional nectar and pollen for pollinators from the springtime and fruit and nuts for other wildlife in the lead up to winter. These trees will also provide extra habitat for wildlife with a Hawthorn hedge or tree able to support over 300 species.

Earlier this year in February the Liberal Democrat party made a clean sweep of elections by winning an impressive three out of the three available positions on Wells City Council. The plan to sell native woodland saplings directly to the public on a non-for-profit basis was a key part of the February 2020 campaign pledge. It is great to see that winning Liberal Democrat campaign pledge turned into action that will make a difference. 

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