Somerset Residents Get Action on Climate Change

A motion drawn up by Tessa Munt, County Councillor for Wells and former Lib Dem MP, to declare a Climate Emergency was passed by Somerset County Council yesterday.


It called for urgent action, not just words, and will mean the Council can use the combined experience, expertise and energy of Somerset’s residents, workers and students to change the way the Council works.

Tessa’s petition, calling for Somerset County Council to declare a Climate Emergency, has attracted almost 700 signatures … and the number is still rising.   

Tessa said: "I’m thrilled that so many people in Somerset have supported this change. The time for talking is over. The County Council needs to play its part and must start pursuing an environmentally-friendly approach to all it does. I’m glad that Councillors from all parties supported my motion."

"At a time when Westminster has spent 2½ years focussed on one thing alone, it’s up to Councillors to demand the Ministers delegate powers to local Councillors so they can take action.  If the Government is too distracted to act to stop the Climate Emergency, then we must act locally."

"Scientists have been warning us for decades that Climate Change is the greatest threat to humanity. The IPCC Report in November 2018 said that holding the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees will require "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society". Yet nothing has happened: it's business as usual locally and nationally. The need to combat the continuing emission of greenhouse gases and global warming overshadows every other issue."

Please continue to sign the petition and show your support. 

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