Be Prepared - Mendip Matters 21st July

n 1907 Scouting founder, Robert Baden-Powell, devised the motto ‘Be Prepared’.  These words came to mind this week when I read a brief that bin collections were to begin at 5.30am to avoid the current exceptional temperatures. Householders affected were being asked to place their refuse out the n...

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The pleasures of performing arts - Mendip Matters - 18th July 2022

There is a general feeling that our society has become more fractious. Just this week a local GP told me that the surgery receptionists are regularly on the receiving end of incredible rudeness. These incidents used to occur once every couple of weeks, now it’s several times a day. Also this week...

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Comfort, continuity and consideration for others - Mendip Matters - 11th July 2022

I attended the delightfully named Wells City Mayor-making Ceremony on Sunday. A traditional occasion, full of symbolism, dating back to the 11th century. The 648th Mayor, Councillor Stewart Cursley, stepped forward and swore an oath to be loyal to the Crown, the people, and to do his best for Wel...

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