What does your District Council do for you? Mendip Matters - 14thJuly

What does your District Council do for you? The answer is ‘just about everything that keeps communities safe, protects the vulnerable, and helps economic recovery.’ The Covid pandemic has highlighted just how needed District Council services are. You, your family or your friends may have come int...

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Supporting Local Farmers - Mendip Matters - 7th July

I’ve always admired the role farmers play in caring for the countryside and environment. As a wildlife enthusiast, I truly value their stewardship of the land, the way they introduce practices that encourage nature, and take on our climate change concerns. They’ve had to adapt and diversify over ...

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Tangible ways we are making a difference - Mendip Matters - 1st July

I’ve always found that when there are extremes on emerging issues, the centre-ground tends to shift a little. Just a few years ago, climate change and the environment may have been seen as whimsical, even fanatical, to some. Now they are considered sensible, serious talking points. That’s because...

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