Focus on Frome - Mendip Matters - 16th April

As I continue with my tour of the towns, this week I am going to talk about a Mendip town which is regularly featured in the national press. It was cited as being one of the best places to live outside of London by The Times a few years back, and named ‘most stylish place to live in the UK’ by gl...

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Focus on Street - Mendip Matters - 8th April

It’s hard to imagine that large areas of Somerset were once covered in water – most of the Somerset moors are below sea level, hence why they are so prone to flooding. It wasn’t until Dutch engineers drained the levels back in the 17th century that we were able to farm the land as we do today. Go...

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Focus on Shepton Mallet - Mendip Matters - 1st April

This week I am dedicating the column to Shepton Mallet.  In many ways the town is in the process of a successful transformation.  The centre is in the midst of major resurfacing works and the Town Council is leading on a rebranding and updating of town signage. Even its own logo has changed which...

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